Wanted to write about yesterday.

Rob and I were cuddling (which led to rubbing and touching) and then we fucked and it was fantastic as usual. Anyway, once we were done, he got up to get us some water. He walked over to me with the water bottle, did some weird wrestling move, pinned me to the ground under him and, as I was laughing and wrestling back, he poured some of the water on me. I managed to get up and run to the kitchen, him running after me, both of us butt naked, I got my own water bottle, and we ended up having a full on water war IN MY HOUSE hahahaah it was so much fun. Needless to say, by the time we were done, we were both on the ground, soaking wet and horny again lol he’s just something else.

I can’t get enough of him.

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#more like guy who’s sick of racially motivated questions about his background because of his skin colour but is too classy to make a scene

crying lmaoo

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Hey, boobiesssss!

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Rob’s coming over tonight for the first time in a long time and I think I’ll surprise him by wearing this. Can’t wait!!

Taking a much needed break from tumblr for a while.

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[Text: The fact that rape threats are a thing says a lot about how rape isn’t a lapse in self-control but often a tool to punish & control others. via @amirightfolks]

Fucking this.

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filing this under “things that should be taught in schools”

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